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Woodford Homeowners Should Avoid These Tree Pruning Mistakes

Trees make our yards come alive and contribute to our well-being. However, they need to be cared for in order to keep giving us the many benefits we enjoy. Pruning is one of the ways we do this, and while it may seem simple, it really is not.

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Improper pruning can not only damage a tree and make your yard unattractive, but it could also kill the tree. On the other hand, a tree that is well maintained through proper pruning can raise your property’s value. It, therefore, helps to be aware of some of the common pruning mistakes many people make.

Using the Wrong Tools

There are plenty of tree-cutting tools on the market today, but not all of them are worthwhile. If you’re using a dull or a tool that’s not sanitized, you’re potentially straining the tree even more so. Dirty tools can cause infectious bacteria and fungi to spread across the tree, limiting its overall health.

If you are using a dull tool to cut the tree, this is likely to leave jagged cuts on the tree. Consider these to be much like an open wound. Clean, sterile wounds heal well, but those not cut well cannot close up properly. Read more at Mister Tree…

You’ve probably done your homework on the best time to prune your tree and how to do it. But have you invested in the right tools for the job? Pruning is a strenuous process for any tree, so it’s important to ensure that you don’t expose your tree to unnecessary harm.

Pruning can seem like a tedious job, and you may want to do it as few times as possible. Similarly, you may have neglected to prune your tree for an extended period and be tempted to play catch-up by pruning more. Here’s why it won’t work:


If you haven’t pruned your trees in some time, it’s tempting to have as much as possible of your tree’s crown taken off all at once. This is a common mistake that many homeowners make but, in this case, “If some is good, more is better” doesn’t apply.

Pruning a tree is a long-term practice that doesn’t happen all at once. It’s done in intervals over time and is attuned to a tree’s age, health, and requirements. A pruner evaluates the entire tree before pruning and then prunes as little as possible to achieve your goals. Remember, each pruning cut, even perfect ones, are wounds that stress a tree. Read more at American Climbers…

Over-pruning is particularly dangerous during the growing season. Every cut branch takes away vital resources that were in storage and limits the tree's ability to make more food. This in turn impacts the tree’s future growth.

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Tree pruning should always have a goal. Are you looking to remove dead limbs, increase fruit or flower production, or reduce foliage? Whatever the case, you need to know what to trim, how much to trim, and what kind of cuts to make.  So, is it better to err on the side of caution and not trim at all? Unfortunately, no…

Non-pruning – Failure to prune tops the list of common pruning mistakes. This can be due to laziness or fear of ending up with botched pruning. It can lead to overgrown shrubs or trees that are too tall. The solution to this issue is to prune. Removing old, dead, and damaged branches will stimulate the plant to produce new wood. Never take out more than one-third of the canopy of a tree in a season. If an overgrown bush or tree requires more, prune another third the following year. Read more at Gardening Know How…

If you’re concerned about doing a bad job of pruning your trees, your best option may be to call in the experts. Proper tree pruning is an intricate process that takes time and practice to perfect. Hiring an expert to do the job will definitely pay off. After all, the information you need to get the job done might be more than you have the time for.

Looking for a reliable tree pruning service provider in Woodford? Steadfast Tree Care is here for you! Our expert arborists are standing by to offer excellent tree care services and advice to ensure your trees thrive through every season. Call us today.

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