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Why Residents of Studley Should Get More Involved In Tree Planting

There is a truckload of benefits to be enjoyed from trees, a fact that is widely accepted by most if not all people. Unfortunately, the number of full-grown trees in our environment continues to decline. According to experts, tree planting is the cheapest climate change solution that is available to most people.

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You probably already know that trees help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other toxins in the air. They simultaneously increase the amount of oxygen, creating the perfect environment for our respiratory systems. But did you also know that planting trees can help towns and cities deal with flooding?

A single mature, leafy tree can absorb up to 450 litres of water through its roots every day, as well as capturing rain water on the surface of its leaves. Their roots also reduce soil erosion in the ground and slow the filtration of water into our cities drainage networks.

This is particularly important in cities where a large proportion of the grounds surface is made up of impermeable materials, like tarmac and concrete.  When we get a sudden downpour, this can quickly cause flash flooding if the water has nowhere to go. Trees to the rescue! Read more at Trees for Cities…

Flash flooding has certainly become a seasonal problem in many cities around the world. It’s incredible to know that just one tree can absorb so much water. Unfortunately, the primary focus is usually to expand the drainage networks in our cities, which is quite costly.

Not only do trees absorb a lot of water, but they release it in the form of water vapor through their leaves. The result is a cooling effect in the air surrounding the trees. Add that to the shade they provide for buildings in Hanover County. Is it hard to believe that we’re putting ourselves in danger by not having more trees around us?

Adding to the danger is the fact that nighttime low temperatures are getting higher. When air temperatures remain above 80 degrees overnight, humans are unable to regulate their own body temperatures without artificial cooling methods. According to the city’s own heat report, the hottest parts of Dallas have nighttime lows that hover around 80 degrees for five months out of the year.

If Dallas could focus its tree-planting efforts in places where the city could improve lives the most, the investments could act as benefit multipliers—saving money on energy costs for households least likely to have air conditioning, protecting children with asthma, and, most critically, preventing heat-related deaths. Read more at Curbed…

A mature tree has the same cooling effect in one day as 10 AC units running for 20 hours. It’s clear that more tree planting efforts should be implemented in our towns and cities, and not just in forests. That way, we could save a lot of energy, not to mention a lot of lives too.

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In addition to saving lives, trees can also play a crucial role in improving the quality of our lives too. This is especially true for people living in artificial urban environments.

“The vibrant colours, natural shapes and textures, the fresh aromas and rustling of leaves in the breeze all provide distraction and relief from whatever it was you might have been thinking about, or even stressing over,” Associate Professor Feng said.

“Studies back this up. Walks through green space have been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve mental acuity, boost memory recall and reduce feelings of anxiety.” Read more at…

Researchers have found that being around trees reduces the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, in our brains. In other words, being around trees reduces your anxiety and stress. Further, people are more likely to go outside and exercise if it means being in green spaces with beautiful trees. So if you happen to feel like it's time to plant a tree, go ahead and do it!

Trees that are in the best possible health also deliver the best possible benefits. That’s why Steadfast Tree Care provides excellent professional tree pruning services in Studley. With all the benefits they offer us, our trees deserve the best possible care. Call us today.