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Post-Trimming Care For Trees in Montpelier Virginia

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What about your responsibility in choosing the right care services for your trees? The assumption that they can grow on their own as they do in forests is wrong. Another common issue concerns post-trimming activities.

What Do You Put On A Tree After Cutting Off A Limb?

Professional arborists, landscape gardeners, and horticulturalists are divided over the answer to this question. Generally speaking, they fall into two groups:

Group One: This group believes that it is important to seal a tree wound after pruning. They have been taught that it is an effective way to prevent both potential decay caused by excess moisture and disease caused by the entrance of micro-organisms into the open wound.

Group Two: This group is of the opinion that trees are best left to their own devices after pruning and that their natural healing abilities are sufficient to protect them from disease and decay.

Of course, this division between the experienced professionals is not especially useful for the enthusiastic but amateur gardener who is looking for informed advice to guide them. Read more at

As is the case in every field of research, opinions differ. So, it is your responsibility to study the two perspectives and pick one that is most appropriate for your situation.

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While at it, bear in mind that there is always an alternative treatment. It is clear from the two sides of the debate that this is so. Even so, what are the reasons for sealing a wound and what can you do to minimize the negative effects that could result from trimming?

Painting wounds with wound paint or dressing can:

  • Prevent the tree from forming calloused wood, which can keep the tree weaker.
  • Seal in water, bacteria, fungi, and decay.
  • Attract disease-causing organisms that feed on the wound paint.
  • Interfere with a natural recovery process that nature has taken eons to perfect!
  • To help keep your trees healthy when pruning:
  • Prune in late winter while trees are dormant.
  • Sterilize pruning shears and saws between cuts with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Target specific risks by treating wounds with an organic fungicide or insecticide.
  • Make careful, clean pruning cuts just outside the branch collar, where the tree can most quickly heal. Read more at Today's Homeowner…

The right information can help you to minimize the risks your trees are exposed to. That way, you’re in a win-win situation.

Tree Trimming

Moreover, you also need to provide your trees with the right care. Different types of trees have different characteristics. Knowing this also ensures you make the right decisions.

Although not all trees need wound paint after pruning, sometimes it makes sense to apply tree paint after pruning. Some trees like oaks, elms, maple, willow and birch can host fungi that enter through cuts, which eventually kill the tree. Boring insects can also enter open wounds on trees, feeding on the wood inside. Sealing them provides a protective barrier. After pruning, sealing the wound with safe paint adds a measure of protection for the tree, which gives the cut a chance to heal. By making your own wound paint, you know what the ingredients are and can mix up a batch whenever you plan to prune. The ingredients for homemade wound paint last a long time, and are safe to store for months. Read more at Hunker…

As is the case in any decision you make, weigh the pros and cons. Consider what trees you are dealing with. Then you can make an informed decision thereafter and ensure the trees in your yard stay healthy.

You’d do well to choose to work with professional arborists who can do a great job. Wondering where to get excellent tree trimmers in your area? Steadfast Tree Care is a trusted company in Montpelier, VA that offers top-notch tree services. Call us today for the best results.