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Ever wanted to see some historic homes in King William County? You'll be delighted to learn there are two you can visit within the territory. The oldest one is known as Mount Columbia, and it dates back to the 18th Century. Prepare yourself for a treat – you'll get to see the kind of architecture that was used back in the day. The other, known as the Horn Quarter, was built around 1830. This one has a peculiar roman architectural design. If you enjoy antique architecture, this one is a must-see.

Large tree needing trimming and pruning

Ever wondered how such homes have survived over the years? Or what else could still be in existence since those times? Well, some of the trees in these compounds could very well be as old as the homes. Tree maintenance through services like tree trimming plays a crucial role in this process. Even so, trimming must be done in the right way.

Some things you should never do: Topping is a form of poor pruning that can ruin the tree’s shape and health with excessive canopy removal and poor cuts. Topping is the indiscriminate removal of branches between internodes and not where branches meet, leaving stubs and wounds which cannot heal properly. This provides the opportunity for disease and decay, creating serious problems for the tree. The tree responds to topping by producing many sprouts that are poorly attached and prone to damage from wind, ice, and snow. The dormant buds on the stems, which have flushed, are only connected to the xylem and do not overlap or commingle with the main supporting stem. This is a poor attachment that grows quickly and will become a safety concern. Because of this weak attachment, the branches are likely to fail more easily and pose a higher risk of injury or damage around the tree. Read more at Woody's Tree Service…

The goal of tree trimming is to make a tree healthier. It would be such a disaster if your trees died afterward as a result of poor trimming. So yes, the trimming method matters – a lot.

tree trimming

Additionally, you need to get the timing right. With the changing seasons, there are optimum times when tree trimming yields the best results.

Trimming trees at the right time is crucial to keeping them healthy. During the fall, the tree’s internal systems begin to slow, as it prepares to go dormant (similar to hibernation in animals). Entering a dormant state helps the tree survive the winter cold, frost, and ice. As the weather cools, the water in tree tissue begins to be converted to starch, which insulates cellular tissue against freezing damage. During this period of dormancy, trees are able to heal the wounds made from pruning before the stressors of spring, like disease and insects, arrive. Read more at Texas Tree Surgeons…

Working with the natural mechanisms of the tree rather than against them is very critical. You'll be amazed at the results you'll gain. This may probably be the missing link toward creating a yard full of healthy-looking trees.

tree removal

Have you been performing your own tree trimming? Has it been successful or have you always wondered what goes wrong? If that's you, then it may be time to consider professional tree trimming services.

…here are a couple of advantages of hiring professional tree care or removal services.

No Worries About Property Damage
One of the main concerns most people have when they are trying to move or remove a tree from the ground is that they aren’t entirely sure of the technique to go about the procedure. With a professional tree care service, you do not have to worry about things going south because they have all the resources to get this done with little to no damage. Even if there is some kind of property damage, most of them offer an insurance cover to get you through without much of a hassle.

Efficient And Quick Service
Another less talked about benefit is that these tree care services tend to work in an efficient manner. They will do what’s asked of them and get out of your hair as soon as their work is done which they aren’t given much credit for. Read more at Last Stage West…

You can enjoy some well-deserved peace of mind when you know that your trees' needs are being met in the most professional way. You know what to expect from your service provider and vice versa.

At Steadfast Tree Care, we offer professional tree trimming services. Our team of arborists stands out among the tree trimming companies in Manquin, VA. Call us today and get your trees trimmed to perfection.

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