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Summer Tree Care & Pruning Tips For Residents of Bowling Green

As the weather gets warmer and drier, you may be wondering how to ensure your trees stay in good health. Although you don’t have to do too much, you need to do things the right way. In other words, summer tree care mistakes can be costly.

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It’s worth noting that proper summer tree care for residents of Caroline County will depend on the type of tree. For instance, here are some tips for oak tree care:

Do not disturb the ground within 6 feet of the trunk; the roots within this area are particularly sensitive. Keep all other plants, even in pots, more than 6 feet from the tree. Oaks have surface root systems that extend out about 30% farther than the tree’s dripline. In this critical root zone (CRZ), don’t add surface fill, adjust the grade, or allow surface structures (such as retaining walls) that trap water. A few low-water native California plants are OK in the CRZ, but keep them six feet from the trunk. Because it compresses the soil and harms the sensitive surface roots, avoid driving or parking vehicles upon the CRZ. Read more at Sierra News Online…

In addition to the above, watering established oak trees in the summer should generally be avoided. This could encourage the growth of fungi that can harm and even kill the tree. Pruning oak trees is also not recommended in the summer months.

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In contrast, most trees actually require more careful watering in the summer. Here are some of the general rules for summer tree care that apply to most other trees:

Water trees at a slower rate at the base of plants. It gives them a deep soak that is much needed during hotter temperatures.

Avoid watering frequently and at shorter intervals.

Water in the morning to avoid water loss due to evaporation.

Morning watering helps trees deal with the heat of the sun throughout the day.

Newly planted trees should be watched closely the first few months after being planted.

Read more at Earl May…

It’s important to ensure that trees get just enough water in the summer. So be careful about too much watering in soils that don’t drain well. Equally bad is lawn irrigation, which only waters trees at a shallow depth, denying the tree roots the sufficient water they require.

While oak trees should generally not be pruned during the summer, fruit trees may need some trimming. You need to be clear about why you are pruning, as this will dictate when and how to do it properly:

Late summer (late July and early August) pruning is good to restrict growth and to remove water sprouts, and diseased or damaged wood. During summer wounds heal faster, and the cuts won't stimulate so much new growth. Don't prune after mid-August because it can cause winter injury.

The goal of pruning is to keep the tree open and of a manageable size, so that there is enough air movement in the tree to prevent diseases and to make sure all leaves get sufficient light. This way the tree will be able to produce high quality fruits. However be careful not to remove too many branches, as pruning stimulates new growth but not fruit production. Read more at Winter Green House…

Summer tree care can be quite rewarding when you have all the information you need. As you watch your trees grow healthy, it will be worth the trouble. That’s why it’s important to also work with the experts for the best advice and results.

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Tree experts will know just how much pruning, watering and other maintenance activities your trees require based on the type of trees you have as well as the climatic conditions in your area. If you live in Bowling Green, Steadfast Tree Care is the company to work with. Call us today for exceptional tree trimming services.


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