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Tree Trimming – Protecting Trees In Sparta From Becoming Sick

Life in Sparta is quiet; it's the place to visit when you need a break from life’s demands. If you love golfing, you can enjoy the Mattaponi Springs Golf Club. This is located at Ruther Glen, just about 7.8 miles away. You may not find much written about Sparta, but that should send you on a journey of discovering this community in Caroline County, VA. Even so, if you’re a resident there, capitalize on the natural treasures around you. That includes trees and other natural features.

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While all life forms have their own mechanism of survival, there are ways you can participate in preserving trees. One of them is by being on the lookout for tree sickness.


Canopy Dieback:

Canopy dieback refers to the decline of a tree’s canopy. When you step back and look at your tree it may look sparse and not as full as other trees during this time of year.

Cause: Canopy dieback is a sign of overall health decline. This can be caused by an insect or disease, old age, stressors such as drought, extreme weather, and soil compaction.

Early Leaf Drop:

Early leaf drop refers to the leaves of your trees falling during the spring, summer.

Cause: It is important to notice this symptom as it is often associated with serious root and soil disorders. Early leaf drop can also indicate vascular diseases and boring insects.

Read more at RTEC Tree Care…

You may not know the difference between the normal seasonal changes and symptoms of tree sickness. However, you can engage the experts who will then advise you on what is needed.

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Just as you need treatment when you have symptoms of sickness, so do your trees. Beyond identifying the symptoms, getting to the root of the problem is important.

Fire blight

Aptly named, fire blight gives trees and shrubs the appearance that portions of their branches have been scorched by fire. Blossoms and leaves of some twigs suddenly wilt and turn brown or black. Fire blight is caused by bacteria that are particularly active in warm, moist weather. Bees, rain, and infected pruning tools spread the disease.


Tips of infected branches may hang down. The bark at the base of the blighted twig takes on a water-soaked appearance, then looks dark, sunken, and dry. Fire blight attacks a few twigs at a time to create a flaglike effect of dead foliage on different areas of the plant.


Prune out infected branches about 12 inches beyond any discoloration and destroy them. Read more at Better Homes & Gardens…

Prompt action can restore your trees’ health and make them spring back to life. Working with tree trimming experts who provide professional services is a good idea.

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Why is this so important? Because trees also die. Without proper care, your trees could get overwhelmed by the elements, with a possible fatal result.

We know that all trees do eventually die. There are many hundreds of seedlings and saplings that succumb for every mature tree left in the forest. All ages of trees eventually die to the same agents and only the most adaptive (and often lucky) individuals make it to old age.

There are 5 factors to which a tree eventually succumbs: death from its environment, death from harmful insects and diseases, death from a catastrophic event, death from age-related collapse (starvation), and of course, death from harvest. In most cases, death is the result of several, if not all of these conditions taking place simultaneously. Read more at ThoughtCo…

Through proper tree services, you can protect your trees from the factors that can destroy them completely.

Have you noticed any of the symptoms of tree sickness among your trees? Wondering where to get the experts? Steadfast Tree Care is here for you. Call us today to talk to an excellent tree trimming service in Sparta, VA.

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