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Use Tree Stumps To Transform Your Studley, VA Home

The area surrounding Studley, VA is peculiar in many ways. It is found in Hanover County, which is rich in historic sites. There are many interesting places you can visit. One of them is the Historic Polegreen Church Site. The church is made of poles that are illuminated using holiday lights. They make for a stunning sight in December. Another site has an interesting name too- The Totopotomoy Creek. These two places are simply breathtaking.

Guess what? You can also make your home in Studley, VA a sight to behold. With a little creativity, your tree removal service aftermath could just be the beginning of a home makeover.

Candle holders

Creating candle holders is among the most creative tree stump decorating ideas you can try. Candle holders made from tree stump undoubtedly are unique. After all, how often do you see candle holders like these?

Not only that, these candle holders are not just good in terms of functionality but also good in terms of aesthetics too. Such candle holders make the surrounding area feel and look warmer…

Tree Stump Table Ideas

Next in our tree stump ideas is to turn it into a bathroom stool. You can be as creative as you want with your unused tree stump. Suppose you want to try tree stump furniture ideas. Here’s our idea: create a bathroom stool from it.

Unlike the usual bathroom stools, a bathroom stool made from a tree stump certainly makes the bathroom more interesting.

This is especially true if the stool has dark-colored finish while the bathroom is mostly in white or other light neutral colors. Read more at Demian Dashton

Victorian homes were distinct because they would have a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Today, you get to choose a style that suits you.

tree removal

Including beautiful tree stumps in both your indoor and outdoor areas will certainly transform your home’s look. You could consider turning them into some useful garden decor.

Cute and Cool- DIY Tree Stump Fairy House
If you have a tree stump in your garden, incorporate it in your fairy world. By simply creating a fairy home out of it! Add a roof to the tree stump, which also includes a chimney. Then attach all the other necessary parts, for example, the door, doorstep and some windows. You're keeping it simple but super cute. Read more at DIY Decor Crafts

What’s a garden for if you can’t design it in a way that your children will absolutely love? Make your garden a fun place to be so your children have the delight of a playground right at home.

tree removal

Moreover, you could also decorate your garden and increase its utility by adding some tree stump furniture.

Throne at Home

Grab your favorite book and a cup of tea, then nestle down in this tree stump chair for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. The tree trunk was first cut to an appropriate height with a chainsaw, then carefully sculpted to form the chair seat, sides and decorative back. Many DIYers consider the act of carving to be a therapeutic activity, making this project a welcome respite from a long, busy day.

Big Bench

The bigger the tree, the greater the possibilities! This bench, skillfully cut from a massive tree stump, offers woodland visitors a serene spot to stop and enjoy the scenery. A commercial chainsaw is your best bet for making both the initial top cut and also to remove the large front section of the stump. A smaller chainsaw can be used to sculpt away the interior wood to form the seat, back and sides. Read more at Bobvila…

So, after the old trees in your compound are removed, don’t miss out on all the possibilities you can enjoy through the creative use of tree stumps.

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