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Feeling Emotional About Tree Removal In Your Montpelier Home Is Perfectly Normal

Have you ever been around the same tree for years on end, whether it’s in your yard or right outside your workplace? If so, then you probably understand the emotional component of tree removal. As human beings, we unconsciously form emotional bonds with the trees around us. And when you think of the multiple benefits they provide in Hanover County, it’s not hard to see why.

Tree Removal

The emotional bonds between humans and trees become quite evident when a tree removal project is announced. You’ll occasionally hear about protests over mass tree removals in communities. In fact, these protests sometimes turn out to be successful in halting or at least delaying such projects.

Update: Monday evening following community response, Project Manager Keith Woolley said that he has directed the contractor not to remove the tree for now. In an email, he stated he can’t make any commitments about the tree remaining in the project, due to potential design conflicts, but commits to allowing the concerns of the community to be heard by the city.

Original article below:

Early Monday morning, the barista at Common Ground Cupcakes was shocked to see the trees outside the Wells Avenue South and Third Street intersection crushed and pulled out of the ground by construction trucks. They were able to stop them from pulling out one of the trees, a Maple that they say is over 30 years old and has been there before Common Ground opened 13 years ago. Read full article here…

Tree removal can indeed have a negative impact on the environment and the people within a community. For instance, trees can create a sort of attractive environment that actually improves property values. When they are cut down, then prices go down as the area becomes less attractive to prospective buyers.

tree removal

On the other hand, tree removal is sometimes necessary and even beneficial in more ways than one. Below is a good example of a situation when tree removal was the best course of action. The trees in this golf course were overgrown and poorly spaced. Eventually, there was a major disease outbreak on the greens.

Ridgewood had no choice but to act (see image below), even though many members were opposed to tree removal. A company was hired to conduct shade studies and identify which trees were having the most negative impacts. Once that information was conveyed to the membership, the club decided to remove more than 1,000 trees around the greens alone…

In the years that followed, the beneficial effects of tree removal showed themselves throughout the golf course with improved playing conditions, better views and restoration of the architect’s intent for how the course should look and play. The positive results allowed Raisch and his team to continue with selective tree removal and pruning on the course, which will host the U.S. Amateur Championship in 2022. Read more at USGA…

While the shade provided by trees is important, too much shade can become a problem. Trees require sufficient space to grow into their natural form, and it also allows for proper air movement. Further, disease outbreaks are much less likely.

tree removal

Every tree removal has its pros and cons. This is why it’s often important to weigh between the two in order to determine whether the removal is indeed justifiable.

If you find a dying tree on your property that isn’t a danger to structures, people or pets, you could choose to let it die in place. Why? Wildlife, including woodpeckers, often find food and a place to nest in dead trees.  Consider the following:

What is the tree’s health?

If you see that 50% of the tree is damaged, then the tree should be removed. Even though it can survive for many years, its appearance could be adversely affected by abnormal growth. Read more at HoneyCove Landscape…

When a tree has sentimental value, it can be all the more difficult to have it removed. However, sentimentality should never be prioritized over safety. Moreover, replacing a beloved tree with a healthier, younger tree allows the cycle of life and natural beauty to continue.

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