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Tree Removal Manquin: What Should I Do With The Stump?

Tree removal services for most companies serving the residents of King William County only include cutting down the tree. What you choose to do with the stump is another matter altogether.  However, we at Steadfast Tree Care don’t think there’s any reason why this should be the case. It saves on both time and money to get these done in one visit.

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After all, leaving the stump behind is not a sustainable option. If you’re wondering why, here are a few reasons:

Leaving stumps unattended will generate growth of smaller trees around it. These trees will then prove costly to eliminate if left for too long. The trees also strip other surrounding plants of their nutrients, causing your plants to wither or die.

Stumps also pose various health and safety risks to the people around them. These stumps are potential hazards especially if there are children who love to run around in your yard. People may trip and fall over these stumps, leading to some serious injuries. Stumps also rot over time, creating a health hazard for you and your family. Read more at Joel's Pro Tree Service…

Aside from the above reasons, the most basic reason to get rid of tree stumps is that they simply don’t look good. It will steal all the attention, even if the rest of your yard has a beautiful landscape. Even worse, the wood can develop an infection that could spread to surrounding trees and plants.

There are two main options for getting rid of tree stumps – stump removal and stump grinding. Stump grinding, as the name suggests, involves shaving off the remaining tree trunk until it’s gone. However, the roots are left in the ground, where they will deteriorate over time.

However, there are a few downsides. The first is that the grinding process temporarily pollutes the air. Sawdust isn’t safe to breathe in, and stump grinding produces a lot of it. The grinder also leaves the roots behind, which makes replanting efforts a little more difficult.

These things aren’t a big deal for most people. However, if your household is home to people with sensitivity to air pollutants, or if you’re planning on replanting, this might not be the approach for you. Read more at Healthy Handyman…

One advantage of stump grinding is that it’s faster and easier than stump removal. It is also environmentally friendly, requiring no harmful chemicals, and the stump shavings can be reused as mulch. It is also cheaper, and the hole that’s left behind can be easily filled.

tree removal

Stump removal involves digging up all the widespread roots of the tree when removing the tree stump from the ground. This is a difficult and labor-intensive process, but necessary if you want to plant a new tree on the same spot or carry out some landscaping on the area.

  • Time-intensive – This process can take several days. Depending on the situation, we may drill holes in the stump and pour a chemical that will soften the soil and break down the stump. We’ll leave it overnight, and bring our equipment back the next day to pull the stump and its roots out of the ground. It can take a while to do this safely and with the least damage to your yard.
  • More difficult to remove – Since we’re removing everything, it’s a much more difficult and involved process.
  • Gaping hole after removal – There’s no way to avoid a large hole in your yard. You’ll need a plan to fill it after we’re done.
  • Not environmentally friendly – This method sometimes involves harmful chemicals, and can also harm plant life and grass growing in the vicinity. It also creates waste in the form of the stump, and we’ll need to determine the best way to dispose of it. Read more at Red's Tree Service…

A major advantage of stump removal is that you won’t need to wait 10 years or more for the roots to decay naturally before you can use the ground again. However, if you want to replant, it’s important to find out whether the acidity of the soil can support a new tree.

Whether you choose to remove a tree stump or go for the stump grinding options, this type of work is best left to the professionals. Our experts at Steadfast Tree Care are happy to deliver a comprehensive tree removal job, done in the safest, most efficient manner. Call us today.

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