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Situations When Tree Removal Is Legally Blocked Or Required in Doswell

Tree removal may at certain times be prohibited for residents of Doswell and Hanover County. This is especially so when one wants to remove the tree for a non-safety issue. For instance, you may want to get a tree removed in order to develop the site it stands on. The following is an example of a situation when this prohibition was enforced:

Although the Sandwich Historic District Committee had voted to approve the demolition of the house on the property, there was no “permission from historic” to touch the trees because, in fact, the historic district committee has no jurisdiction over trees.

Mr. Ryan immediately offered to call a halt to the tree cutting and begin the process required by state law. Read more at Cape News…

In the above case, the shagbark trees were among the last ones left in the town. They were also of historic significance, having been an important source of food for Native Americans. Shagbarks can live up to 200 years and also stand out because of their unique bark that peels away, creating shaggy plates.

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One may be prohibited from removing a tree that is designated as a heritage tree, memorial tree, specimen tree or street tree, even if that tree is in personal property. Here is a breakdown of what each designation means:

Heritage tree means any tree which has been individually designated by the county board of supervisors to have notable historic or cultural interest.

Memorial tree means any tree which has been individually designated by the county board of supervisors to be a special commemorating memorial.

Specimen tree means any tree which has been individually designated by the county board of supervisors to be notable by virtue of its outstanding size and quality for its particular species.

Street tree means any tree which has been individually designated by the county board of supervisors and which grows in the street right-of-way or on private property as authorized by the owner and placed or planted there by the county. Read more at…

So what happens when such a tree needs to be taken down because it’s a health hazard, or if it diseased or has died? The provision states that in order to remove such a tree, the property owner needs to notify the local planning director in writing at least two weeks before the tree removal. The penalty for violating this provision is a fine of up to 2500 dollars for each violation.

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As a Doswell resident, it is also important to note that you need a permit to remove a tree that is on public property. This rule applies even for trees that are near your property, but not inside it.

In contrast, there are cases when tree removal may be necessitated by local authorities.

PG&E said it needs to remove the trees, clear branches and trim vegetation because Lafayette is located in one of the East Bay’s high-risk wildfire zones. The utility is also combining the tree removal with a separate project to replace part of a gas pipeline along St. Mary’s Road to increase capacity. The utility was given a permit for that project earlier.

The utility’s tree arborist recommended removing 79 trees along St. Mary’s Road and 62 trees along Moraga Road because of wildfire risks, PG&E spokesman Marcos Montes told the council at its April 13 meeting. Read more at East Bay Times…

Another example of why tree removal may be required is when it is part of the measures taken for storm preparedness. For instance, even if a tree is situated within private property, it may need to be removed if there is a risk that it could fall on public infrastructure like roads. This could be done by contractors hired by the local authorities or a tree removal service hired by the property owner.

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