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Tree Removal Is a Crucial Part of Proper Tree Care In Corbin

Trees are not just great for the environment, but for our mental wellbeing as well. That’s why it shouldn’t be too much to ask that we take care of them in return. Trees in the wild get on quite well with little if any human interference. However, those growing in our yards and lining our streets in Caroline County need a little more attention.

tree removal

Why? Well, for one, trees around us are exposed to conditions that those in the wild are not. For instance, a tree on the street may have its roots partially covered by the concrete. As a result, they may be more prone to weakness. Additionally, trees in the wild don’t pose the same kind of risks to humans that those around us do.

A large tree narrowly missed passing pedestrians when it fell on to a busy road junction in Ealing, west London.

Dashcam footage shows the moment the tree was uprooted on Saturday afternoon, with two people narrowly leaping out of the way as it falls.

The video was taken from Andrew Thomas’s car as he was driving through the area with his girlfriend Joanna Wolman.

“As a person with anxiety I was shocked and scared,” Ms Wolman, 33, told the PA news agency.

“Seeing that couple approaching and the tree falling was so horrific for me. You can hear us swearing (in the video).

“That pair were so lucky… a person who is constantly looking (at their) phone would be killed.” Read more at Helensburgh Advertiser…

The above is a good example of the fact that the trees around us require constant attention. You can tell from the video footage that the tree was already leaning precariously before the incident.

In some cases, human activity could put the trees around us at risk, as the post below proves:

The Pittsburgh Public Safety Department is warning residents about the dangers of setting off their own fireworks this Fourth of July.

According to Public Safety, at least four trees were set ablaze in the Pittsburgh region by errant “bottle rockets and cherry bombs” on Friday. The Fireworks Task Force responded to 104 complaints about fireworks just last night.

“Remember, even though some consumer fireworks are now legal, there are several restrictions to using them in the City,” Public Safety said. “Please celebrate safely this July 4th.” Read more at CBS Local…

You may love fireworks, but the message is clear. If you’re going to use them, make sure they don’t harm the trees around you.

tree removal

Something else to consider when it comes to your trees is whether they might be a menace to your neighbors. A tree in your yard may not be a direct hazard to you, but it could be causing problems to your next-door neighbor. This is especially the case for trees growing along your property boundary.

Trained experts can advise on and help with trees of all sizes, and have the equipment and skills to do the job. But of equal importance is their expertise to help predict and head off problems, such as common safety concerns, issues along property boundaries, future unwanted growth patterns, and more.

“Roof damage is a concern, for example,” says Jeff Hodgin of Premier Tree Service. “If limbs are too close, or overhanging, the life of a roof can be significantly decreased from lack of airflow or sunlight causing moss growth.” He once had a roof that was planned to last for 35 years but only made it 17 because of a neighbor’s overhanging trees. “That is just one of many things we help clients solve.” Read more at Whatcom Talk…

Remember that tree roots can damage foundations, watering systems, plumbing, septic lines, and sidewalks. So when it’s time to prune or remove a tree, don’t hesitate to get it done in a timely fashion. You’ll be saving a lot of money that would have otherwise been spent on costly damage or injury.

Need an expert tree removal in Corbin, VA? Contact Steadfast Tree Care today for the best tree care services.

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