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Putting Off Tree Removal in Bowling Green?

Before 1803, if you asked someone to take you to Bowling Green, VA they would have been confused. That's because the name “Bowling Green” only came into use after the founder of the town, Major John Hoomes, made a donation of a plantation. He did this after this community became the headquarter of the county in 1803. Back then, if you wanted directions to the current Bowling Green location, you would have asked for a place called New Hope.

Even so, Bowling Green is now referred to as the “cradle of American horse racing.” This is because the plantation became one of the first horse racing tracks in the country. You can imagine the preparation that needed to be done before the track was ready for use. It's very likely that tree removal was necessary. Are you planning to transform your yard so it looks better? Here are some reasons why tree removal may be a viable option for you as well.

1) Diseased tree

Having a tree that is diseased means that it likely can not be saved. A Certified Arborist can try their best at determining the situation at hand and will let you know the best measure, but likely, despite all the best efforts, the tree may need to be removed.

2) Dead Tree

A dead tree is doing nothing for your yard, in fact, it is devaluing your property significantly and can easily be a hazard if it hangs over your business or parking area. A dead tree needs to be professionally removed before it decays and causes serious damage to your property because of time, or the next big storm. Not to mention, it can become a haven to termites, which in turn could lead to infestations elsewhere on your property.

3) Damaged Tree

Despite being a hazard, damaged trees also are unsightly, decreasing the appeal of your home, or business storefront. The best thing to do (especially if the tree is severely damaged) is to remove the tree.  Read more at McCullough Tree Service…

Apart from these reasons, you could also have a tree removed if it is obstructive. It could also be located in a space that you intend to use for other purposes. Regardless of the reason, be sure to get the work done professionally.

Tree removal

One of the considerations you may have in mind for your tree removal service is how much it would cost. The following post should help you get to the answer you’re looking for.


Like most tree removal companies, we look at a tree’s size when initially determining costs. Small trees—trees 30’ or less—are easier to remove and dispose of, so those tend to be the least costly. From there, we classify trees as medium (30’ to 60’), large (60’ to 80’) or very tall (over 80’). While this is just a range, it’s a good estimate for initially assessing removal effort and costs.

Tree Condition

Is your tree leaning? Is the trunk split? Are there visible cavities or decay? Over time, trees can develop various conditions that make them hard—or even dangerous—to remove. While our expert team can handle trees in any condition, certain trees require additional steps.

If your tree has any of these conditions—a clear lean, multiple or split trunks, weak branches or visible cavities and decay—our professional arborists will inspect the area before taking action. This will help us devise a plan that’s safe and efficient, saving you headaches, hassles and costs in the short- and long-term. Read more at Mister Tree Service…

The diameter of your tree determines the resources required to remove it. This should also inform the cost of tree removal. Another factor is its location.

tree removal

Now, the thought of the tree removal cost may make you want to carry it out as a DIY project. Is this a viable option? Find out in the following post:

While cutting down a tree may seem like a simple process, it’s actually quite complex. It requires a background of knowledge and experience to do properly and, more importantly, safely.

DIY tree removal isn’t worth the risk, and it will likely cause more problems than it solves. So before you reach for your chainsaw, consider these risk factors and why it’s best to leave this work to the tree removal pros…

Here are some of the most common causes of accidents for DIY tree removal.


If you need to use a ladder to remove limbs off your tree, then the tree is too large for you to remove safely. Climbing a ladder with a chainsaw in hand is extremely dangerous for a number of reasons. You could lose control of the chainsaw, lose your balance on the ladder, fall off the ladder, and seriously injure yourself…Read more at Green Thumb Property Services…

Don’t risk it when Steadfast Tree Care is here for you! Call today to schedule an estimate for tree removal services in Bowling Green, Virginia.

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