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Your Tree Care Checklist Aylett VA

Fall is with us; winter is coming. GOT references aside, it’s time to prepare your trees for the cold months ahead, as well as encourage healthy growth in the coming spring. A proper tree care plan for this season is important and worth the time and effort it will take to prepare ahead.


Trees in the forest thrive because of the abundance of nutrients they receive from their well-evolved environment. In contrast, the trees in our yards face high-stress conditions including low moisture availability. Additionally, when we get rid of leaves, fall bark, and twigs when raking, we remove a lot of the nutrients that would have naturally decomposed to feed the roots.

Typically, tree roots have produced more root growth during the fall season. Root systems are significant as storage organs or banks to store energy for later. These starch stores will become active energy on-demand in the spring when shoot growth, leafing, and flowering occur. During this time, fertilization will sustain soil nutrient levels and improve root production, promoting new growth in the spring. Newly planted trees and those younger trees are especially responsive to supplemental feeding. However, not all trees need or demand fertilization. Read more at Dudley Tree…

We must do our best to create for the trees in our yards the same benefits that trees in the forests enjoy. By adding the right kind of fertilization, we help our trees reach their full landscape potential. It will also make them less susceptible to diseases and harmful insects.


Proper pruning in the fall is helpful for reducing tree stress and eliminating injury to the trees. This is also the best time to perform any structural pruning jobs.

It’s advantageous to schedule pruning tasks after leaves have fallen. It’s much easier to see the branch structure of trees and deciduous shrubs in order to perform good selective cuts. Look for those non-beneficial plant parts and remove them. These include any dead, broken and crossing branches which can be removed. Also, search out and remove those epicormics sprouts in the canopy and basal sprouts emerging from around the trunk and root collar. Read more at Purdue Landscape Report…

Bear in mind that diseased, dead or dying branches are a danger to your family and property. They easily break and fall during fall and winter storms in King William County. So pruning these branches is also a critical safety measure to avoid accidents. You might also consider cabling for oddly shaped or slightly injured trees to help maintain their structural integrity.

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Plant new trees

Although some trees shed their leaves in autumn and sprout new life in the spring, fall is actually the best time to plant new trees.

It may not make sense since trees are dropping leaves during the fall, but conditions are perfect for stimulating root growth in new trees during cooler weather. Roots get established during fall and winter. Spring brings showers and summer’s warmer temperature will stimulate tree top growth. Read more at Honey Cove Landscape…

The cooler temperatures mean that new trees are less likely to die from drought or sun scorch. Building root mass in fall also allows new trees to prepare for winter dormancy.

For professional tree care services in Aylett, get in touch with Steadfast Tree Care. We’ve got expert arborists and experienced tree trimmers ready to help ensure your trees thrive through every season. Call today!

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