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Sunshine Ballpark – Fredericksburg, VA

Sunshine Ballpark is a great place to go for a day out with the family. The children will enjoy playing on the playground, and adults can watch their favorite recreational sport. It's also home to some of the best food in Fredericksburg! Read this blog post to learn more about what Sunshine Ballpark has to offer and why you should visit soon!

Sunshine Ballpark

Sunshine Ballpark Fredericksburg, VA

The Sunshine Ballpark Foundation was founded in 2010 to further the fundraising and program development initiatives begun by The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation with their “Playball Fredericksburg” initiative started 6 years prior.

“The ballpark was named Sunshine Ballpark in honor of Doris Buffett's Sunshine Lady Foundation,” Girvan said in a article.

The Board of Trustees raised over $2.5 million from the community to build Phase I of Sunshine Ballpark in Fredericksburg, Virginia and has provided resources & programs to more than 4,000 children throughout the Fredericksburg region each year.

The new park is designed to host these programs and the exciting Center for Exploration gives children the opportunity to participate in activities from our science-themed programs, as well as, engineering and deep sea exploration through the Jason Project.

Sunshine Ballpark is a place for character building, educational, athletic fun for Fredericksburg area children in partnership with local law enforcement agencies, schools & community organizations.

Activities for youth and school groups help Sunshine Ballpark's mission to tremendously improve the lives of many Fredericksburg students by providing character building, educational programs.

Arborist Tree Services in Sunshine Ballpark

Whether you're asking for the tree service, or planning on doing the work yourself, hiring a professional is important because they'll be more experienced and likely have equipment required.

It’s best to be safe and hire Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg to take care of your tree needs. To determine the best arborist company for your property, consider asking for estimates from a few different companies. Keep in mind that going with the cheapest estimate is probably not the best idea. Choose a quality, experienced tree service that you feel most comfortable with.