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Summer Tree Care Checklist Port Royal VA

If you’re like most people in Caroline County, summer usually means spending more time in your yard. It’s also the time when you truly appreciate the much-needed shade that your trees provide. However, without a proper tree care plan, summer can mean bad news for your trees. This post highlights a few important areas you should not overlook.

Tree Trimming

Watering your trees

The first is proper irrigation. Make the effort to find out the specific watering needs of your trees because these differ depending on its species and age, as well as the type of soil and planting site of the tree.

Watering your trees may be necessary during the summer months, depending on the rainfall frequency. During drought-like conditions, both new and mature trees should be watered to avoid health and pest problems. You can use a trowel to check the moisture content of your soil. Typically, mature trees need watering less often because their roots are deeper and able to reach larger sources of water than new, shallow-rooted trees. Beware of short, recurrent watering, which may seem ideal for newly planted shrubs; this can cause the development of a shallow root system. Read more at OSTVIG Tree Care…

One smart tip for watering trees in the summer is to do it early in the morning. This helps to minimize the evaporation that is sure to take place because of the high temperatures in Port Royal. It also helps the tree better adjust to the heat in the course of the day. High temperatures can also lead to heat stress among trees. This could show itself in the form of leaves that turn yellow and then drop.

Soil aeration

Additionally, you need to be sure that the soil on which your trees sit is not compact. This could prevent the tree from getting sufficient water and nutrients.

Fix the problem by aerating the soil to increase the flow of air and water to the roots. First, get the surrounding soil moist to loosen it up. Next, use a soil auger or drill to make a series of holes in the ground around 5 centimetres apart. Start roughly 1 metre away and go back every half metre until you hit the canopy. Each hole should be about 5 centimetres in diameter and up to 50 centimetres deep. Fill each hole loosely with topsoil, then add mulch at the end. Read more at Great Northern Regreenery…

Compact soil makes it difficult for friendly microorganisms to thrive, and this minimizes the nutrients available to the trees. Similarly, hard soil makes it difficult for water to penetrate the tree roots. Proper soil aeration is therefore helpful in fixing both problems.

Tree Trimming

Tree inspection

Regularly inspecting your trees is also important during the summer months, just to make sure they remain healthy. For instance, as mentioned earlier, you will know your trees are experiencing heat stress by looking out for the physical signs. Knowing what to look for is especially important in this regard.

To check if your trees have a disease developing, do the following. Make sure you know exactly what kind of tree you have because many diseases only affect certain types of trees. If you have more than one tree of the same species — check if only one tree has a problem, which points toward a disease; if all trees are affected (including trees of a different type), then signs may point to poor drainage, chemical damage or perhaps weather damage. If the problem showed up almost overnight, disease is less likely to be a problem because diseases typically take time to develop. Check the color of your tree’s roots — If they’re blackish, the problem may be overwatering or a root-rotting organism; if they’re brown, then underwatering may be the problem or it might be a problem with toxic chemicals. Read more at Redfin…

You can take better care of your trees by learning as much as you can about your tree species. That way, you will know their requirements so you can develop a suitable tree care plan for your trees.

What’s even better is to work with professional Port Royal tree care service providers. They will help you develop a suitable tree care plan based on your trees’ needs. Call Steadfast Tree Care for expert tree care advice and tree trimming services you can trust.

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