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At Steadfast Tree Care, we're proud to be the best. Our community has trusted us with critical tree removal and routine tree care jobs and we're thankful to be known as one of the most reliable tree removal companies in the industry. But removal of trees on the properties of local homes and businesses is not the only thing that we do. Here's why.

We believe that the mark of a great tree service company is a wide range of available services, all done with consistent quality and care. You shouldn't have to go with a different team for tree removal than you do for emergency storm cleanup. And you shouldn't have to settle for the first company you find when searching “tree service near me”.

At Steadfast Tree Care, we're thorough in our work and transparent in our service, with a team of well-trained technicians who are experts in their craft. Keep reading to learn about some of the additional tree care services we offer.

Storm Prep and Cleanup

Storms can wreak havoc on your property and cause damage to your home. If you live in an area with a severe storm season, there are a few things you need to be aware of throughout the year.

First, storms can cause damage that isn't obvious right away. Your trees can be weakened by wind, constant moisture, and lightning strikes, but you may not be able to see it when it happens, especially if you live on a property that's more “dense forest” than “wide-open plains”.
Tree care services being completed by Steadfast Tree Care

An expert team of tree technicians from Steadfast can do a general inspection along with their annual tree trimming and pruning, letting you know which trees are in risky areas and if there are any on your property that is damaged or structurally weak in any way. This preventative care can limit the risk faced by your home, your family, and your property when storms roll in.

If your trees do sustain damage from a storm, we can come in, clean up, remove damage, and eliminate risk on your property. If a tree falls on your home or your vehicle, we'll safely remove it, limiting additional damage. If a large limb comes down, we'll take it away. Even if the only result of a storm is a yard littered with branches, we'll make it look like the storm never happened in the first place, giving you peace of mind at every turn.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Stump removal should be a given when you hire a tree service to handle a project, but for some reason, it's not. At Steadfast Tree Care, we don't think there's any reason why one should be an option without the other.

If we remove a tree from your property, we offer a comprehensive service. Once we fell the tree to the ground in a safe place, we'll cut it into sections and haul it away in our heavy-duty trucks. We have an industrial stump grinder that we use to pulverize the stump so we can break it up and dig it out — including the upper sections of any roots that extend into the ground as needed.

We'll haul away the pieces of the stump and even backfill the area so that you can easily take the first step towards repurposing the space to fit your needs.

Land Clearing & Brush Removal

The tree service experts at Steadfast Tree Care also offer clearing services for customers who own private homes and businesses of all kinds. When a large lot needs cleared of trees, vegetation, brush, and stumps to make way for a construction project, tree and clearing services are needed.

Brush and Debris Clearing

Priorities change. We offer you flexibility with your property. We can clear a larger section of your yard if you want to start at square one with a new landscape design plan, or smaller ones if you're thinking of expanding the footprint of your home. No matter what you need, we can help you get there.

Land Clearing Services

We've also handled larger jobs for businesses and real estate developers who need to be able to make better use of more expansive plots of land. We love trees, but we also understand that sometimes, they get in the way of your plans.

New real estate development and business expansion projects often need trees and other substantial growth removed from a swatch of forested land so that they can start the process of grading and mapping the area. We have the equipment and the expertise to handle the largest jobs.
Tree pruning from a bucket truck

Emergency Tree Service

Of course, it doesn't matter how skilled a tree service company is if you can count on them when in an urgent situation. If a tree falls on your home, or a broken limb is hanging dangerously close to a power line, the last thing you want to do is wait for expert intervention. And when we say wait, we mean it. The time between calling a tree service and actually getting them on your property can be weeks in some cases. You don't have weeks. You may not even have days. You deserve a tree care provider with the flexibility and commitment to be there when they're needed.

Steadfast Tree Care can often come out within hours of an emergency call, and when we get to your home or business, we'll deliver some much-needed peace of mind. Whatever a tree emergency on your property entails, we can handle it with the safe removal of any risks or damage. We can also work with local and municipal authorities to make sure everything is done in line with any existing regulations in your area.

The experts at Steadfast Tree Care are known for quality work, done right, at a price that you can work with. We've handled jobs of a wide variety of sizes, scopes, for a range of different types of clients.

Ready to get started on your tree project? Contact us today for a no-obligation free estimate and take the first step today!

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