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Ruther Glen Homes: What Trees Do I Want In My Yard?

Trees are hands-down the most beneficial additions to any landscape, including your residential yard in Caroline County. They add natural beauty and color, diversify your landscape, and contribute to a better local environment.

When choosing which trees to plant in your yard, you need to go for one that offers the benefits you most desire. We discuss three of them and the need for proper tree trimming and pruning in this post:

Shade trees

tree trimming

As their name suggests, shade trees provide the much-needed shelter you want on hot summer days. Tall and dense trees are also great for enhancing privacy in your yard. Not only that, but they also offer shade to smaller plants and flowers. This means you have more options when it comes to choosing your garden plants.

Best Shade Trees

Luckily, there are plenty of shade trees native to Virginia and Maryland. We’ve narrowed down our favorite shade trees for you, but you don’t have to stop there! Just remember that when you’re selecting trees for shade, look for tall varieties with characteristics like wide canopies, dense branching, large leaves, and a fast growth rate.

Red Maple

Several large maple varieties can provide your yard with shade, including Sugar Maple, Sycamore Maple, and Silver Maple, but the majestic Red Maple is our favorite. Read more at Green Street Gardens…

In addition to protecting you from the hot sun, shade trees also protect you from harsh weather. Further, they can help lower your energy bills by preventing your house from getting too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

Flowering trees

Flowering trees generally have showy or unusual features that brighten up your yard. You don’t need too many flowering trees; a small residential property only needs about two or three trees. It’s worth noting that most flowering trees grow to just about 25 feet, providing little if any shade.

Spring would be much duller without our beautiful blooming trees and shrubs. Gardens with flowers alone just aren’t quite as full and welcoming. Flowering trees and shrubs welcome us into spring with their showy colors and serve many other functions as well.

Landscape Uses

Some blooming trees and shrubs serve double duty by giving us a show in spring and fall. Best selling small trees and shrubs have flowers in the spring and summer and attractive foliage. Others offer ornamental qualities like varying height, color, and texture. Read more at Gardens Nursery…

While not all trees will have spectacular flowers, you might choose to go with one that offers other visually appealing features. For instance, you might choose trees with an amazing fall leaf color or with summer foliage that is uniquely colored.

Tree Trimming

Fruit trees

Have you ever tasted a juicy peach or crunchy apple plucked off a tree? If yes, then you know the most appealing thing about these trees – their fresh, delicious fruits. Even dwarf trees can produce a whole lot of fresh fruit that’s ready to be consumed immediately. No more grocery store fruits that have been on transit for weeks.

Fruit trees are a lovely sight in every season. September is an ideal time to harvest fruit from your garden trees. It is also a perfect time to plant fruit trees, while the soil is still warm and moist.

Growing your own fruit trees yields many benefits. Firstly, it allows you to promote your family’s wellbeing with organic foods. Secondly, it helps preserve health with a green lifestyle. It can also contribute eco-friendly solutions to global issues; protect wildlife, rewild natural lands, and conserve the environment. Lastly, you can enjoy pristine and tranquil scenery with your family, straight from your own backyard. Read more at Horkans Garden…

When you choose a fruit tree, take note that they present certain periods of inconvenience. For instance, a soft-fruited tree may attract birds that drop fruits, creating a litter problem on patios, walkways, or driveways. They also require quite a bit of attention as they can be highly susceptible to pests and diseases.

It’s important to note that a solid root system will help accelerate the growth of the tree types mentioned above. Similarly, proper tree care and good annual pruning will maximize the benefits gained from the tree. Call Steadfast Tree Care of Bowling Green today for professional tree pruning services in Ruther Glen.

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