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It may be time to get rid of the excess trees in your yard for your home addition. Cutting costs during such a project always takes priority. However, it is important to make several considerations before attempting to cut down a tree on your own.

For one, you need the right tools for the job. And the right tools will often be dictated by the size of the tree(s) you want to remove. For instance, while an ax would work for very small trees, a chainsaw is more appropriate for a tree whose trunk or branches have a diameter of more than 3 inches.

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A chainsaw is a crucial tool for cutting trees. There are different types and forms of chainsaws available in the market. Two main types of chainsaw are electric-powered and gas-powered chainsaw. It is apparent gas-powered chainsaws offer more mobility than an electric chainsaw. You need extension cords to reach the trees if you use an electric chainsaw.

Other cutting equipment includes;

  • Hand saws
  • Pruners
  • Pole saws
  • Hand pruners
  • Tree loppers
  • Different types of axes
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Hatchets

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A chainsaw can be quite dangerous when handled by an unskilled person. Safety is especially important during tree removal. You need to know how to safely climb up a tree and how to cut the branches so they do not become dangerous when they fall. These skills require practice to develop, which is why few people have them.

In addition to the size of the tree, the type of tree removal is yet another factor to consider when selecting the right tools for tree removal. An example is felling a tree, which is the most basic type of tree removal. It involves cutting a tree at its base and allowing it to fall safely to the ground. Other examples are discussed below:

By Cranes and Climbers: These types of equipment are typically used for “medium” difficulty tree removal projects. When a tree cannot be cut from the bottom, it must be cut into sections to prevent the falling tree from damaging property or other trees. Limbs are first cut off the tree and lowered to the ground, and then the rest of the tree is cut down.

By the Spider: This piece of equipment reaches great heights and is very versatile. It’s ideal for heavily sloped property, terraced terrain, or nice lawns since it is compacted to fit through standard gates and is on rubber tracks and tends to not leave any tracks or damage. Read more at A Plus Trees…

Removing large trees usually requires large equipment that is expensive and not worth the investment if you’re not starting a tree removal company. Such equipment needs trained professionals to handle them, and they cost a lot of money.

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If you are dealing with established trees, it will almost always pay off to get professional tree removal services in King William County. Unless, of course, you run a tree removal company and have the equipment and skills to do the job yourself. Here’s a testimonial from a DIY enthusiast who knew when to get expert services:

Recently, we called in a tree removal service to take down a decrepit white pine in our yard. We worried that it was becoming a hazard. We also had the service take down a few smaller trees as well as a large dead section on another white pine. This dead section seemed particularly tricky because it was located about 25 feet up the tree—well out of reach for a hobby farmer with a chainsaw.

The tree service sent a crew of five men thoroughly equipped to handle any situation. They visited one afternoon with a boom lift truck, a compact utility tractor with a hydraulic grapple. They also brought a grapple truck—essentially a dump truck with a hydraulic grapple for loading. Read more at Hobby Farms…

Needless to say, the farmer from the story above was impressed by how fast and professionally the tree removal was performed. He states that hiring them was worth every penny because they had the experience and tools and quickly and safely handle the massive task that would have taken him days or even weeks to complete on his own.

Are you a King William resident who values your time? Then you’ll be happy to know that Steadfast Tree Care provides expert tree removal services in your area. Call us today for safe and quick tree removal that will leave your yard looking clean and tidy.

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