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Fredericksburg, VA tree service providing tree trimming and removal services. Our team of experts are highly trained in the latest techniques and equipment to provide our customers with the best work possible. We offer an affordable, fast response time that is second to none. Want your yard to be full of healthy trees? Call for a free estimate today!

The City of Fredericksburg is a beautiful city located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Surrounded by Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties, Fredericksburg has been voted one of the best places to live and visit in America by various publications, including Money Magazine and The Washington Post.

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What does a tree service do?

Tree service companies typically offer a variety of tree trimming maintenance, repair and restoration services. These include things like cutting, removal, fertilizing, mulching, cabling or bracing trees to make them stronger plus much more.

Before we get into the various type of tree care services that contractors provide, we should first answer the following question: What is a tree expert called?

A tree expert is known as an Arborist

Arborists provide tree work of all types to clients such as trimming, planting, inspection, fertilizing and more.

An ISA Certified Arborist is someone who has completed the following education requirements: a bachelor’s degree in forestry or horticulture plus at least one year of work experience that involved working with trees professionally. They also have to pass an exam called Certified Arborist Examination/National Exam and often are members of the Tree Care Industry Association.

Why hire an arborist for tree care services instead of doing it yourself?

There are many reasons for hiring a competent contractor instead of attempting to do it yourself. One of the primary reasons is safety. Tree removal poses serious risk for homeowners, employees, or even passersby if it is not done correctly.

Another reason to hire an experienced tree care specialist is the liability of injury claim that could arise when attempting to remove trees by yourself. For example, what happens if you’re using a chainsaw and cut off your fingers? You would need workers compensation insurance in order to have the cost of medical bills covered.

There's also potential for property damage. Falling limbs and branches from tree cutting or felling a tree improperly can result in severe damage to your home, lawn or landscape that you wouldn't be compensated for with homeowners insurance coverage alone.

Yet another reason is because certified arborists are typically fully insured and have expertise with pruning. If you’ve ever attempted to trim trees and shrubs, it is not something that you should risk doing without training or the proper protective gear.

In addition, arborists can provide information about any permits that may be required by your Fredericksburg area community.

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How much does a tree removal job cost?

The price of a tree removal job varies depending on several factors, such as:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Type or species
  • Site access
  • Does it pose a hazard, risk of injury, or property damage?
  • Is the debris being left behind or is it going to be hauled off?
  • Is it near utility lines?
  • Are emergency services needed?
  • Is tree stump removal (stump grinding) needed?

A typical price range for the cost of tree felling services in Fredericksburg is between $200 to $1000 for a tree between 25 feet and about 75 feet but can be higher if the job presents some of the challenges listed above.

Can you negotiate tree removal?

The short answer is… Sometimes. If you decide to leave the debris on your lot, you can ask for a lower price. For example, you could ask the tree company to cut the trunk up into sections to be used as firewood.

Another option would be to have the tree limbs chipped and left for you to be used as mulch. Almost all tree services show up to jobs with wood chippers for mulching trees.

And if you have a problem tree that needs pruning or removed that is near power lines, you could contact your utility company to ask for information about having them do the work (which is usually free).

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Fredericksburg Tree Services Reviews

These was most the nicest people.They did a great job at reasonable price.If you tree they are your people. And Mr.Moises was just awesome. He and one of their female workers even help me to start my car. Thank you and God Bless.
Thelitia Jackson
Thelitia Jackson
I called Steadfast Tree Care for tree and stump removal and they promptly sent a subcontractor out to provide an estimate. They got us on the books right away. Today they cut the trees and cleaned it all out. Their prices were reasonable and they were very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyohe needing trees cut and stumps removed.
frederic lassonde
frederic lassonde
Very professional and completed the work within 2 business days from the time I called them. I had one crepe myrtle trimmed back and two dead cedar trees with several large branches that needed to be cut off. Very satisfied with the work at a fair price, I would call Steadfast again.
Candice Cherish
Candice Cherish
Highly recommended! We've used them twice now for tree trimming...very quick and professional.
Gonzalo Tiller
Gonzalo Tiller
Steadfast Tree Care is a first-rate company. The crew I ended up hiring was very professional and safety conscious. They showed up on time and completed the tree removal job in the timeframe that was quoted. They left the site tidy while they worked, and cleaned up at the end of each day before going home.
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller
Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg did a great job in my yard. They removed 3 large trees, ground the stumps, and trimmed some other trees. One tree was difficult to access in my backyard and sat above my wooden fence. Not a single branch or limb landed on the fence. The crew has high quality equipment and they did a great job with the clean up. Price was good for the amount of work they did. I recommend them, especially for large and difficult tree removal.
Graham Davidson
Graham Davidson
What an amazing experience. Simon was professional and communicated with me before, during and after the tree work. His team got here early to start the work and even removed the tree stump with a stump grinder so the hole could be filled with soil and seeded for grass. I will be calling Steadfast Tree Care again for sure.
Mildred Velazquez
Mildred Velazquez
Very professional. The crew removed a big oak tree between two houses that were very close to each other in downtown Fredericksburg. They did an awesome job. The price was very reasonable for the work they did. Highly recommended for tree removal.
Houston Bird
Houston Bird
tbkhey785 doopy
tbkhey785 doopy
Came out the same day I called to give me an estimate. Came out the next day and got the job finished fast. Friendly and efficient. Great clean up work. My tree never looked better.
The Genesis Tree Service guys are great! You couldn't even tell they had been at my Fredericksburg property except for the trees that were no longer standing. We're definitely calling next time we need tree trimming or removal.
Virgil Warner
Virgil Warner
I got 3 estimates from Fredericksburg tree removal companies and Genesis Tree Service was priced right in the middle of all the bids I received, and I liked Pedro and the way he explained how the work would be done. We had 6 trees removed and asked for 10 small stumps to be ground out. The tree removal crew arrived on time as scheduled. I'm happy.
Harvey Jefferson
Harvey Jefferson

Tree Services Provided by Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg

We have made the case in this content about the importance of hiring qualified arborists for care of your trees and plants. We provide fully insured local contractors for traditional services like trimming, removal, land clearing, and stump grinding, as well as emergency tree service including storm damage cleanup.

Whatever your tree care project needs are, contact us to schedule a free estimate today.

Serving Fredericksburg Virginia And The Surrounding Area

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  • Fredericksburg; Zip Codes 22407 and 22408 (Spotsylvania County)
  • Fredericksburg; Zip Code 22405 (Falmouth, Stafford County)

Hopefully by now you understand the importance of hiring a professional “tree service near me”. If you have any questions or are still hesitant, please feel free to contact us anytime for free estimates. We're always happy to help!