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Bernard’s Cabins Trail – Fredericksburg, VA

In Fredericksburg, Virginia, just a bit more than half way down Lee Drive, on the far side of its intersection with Lansdowne Road is the aptly named “Bernard's Cabins Trail.”

Bernard's Cabins Trail

Bernard's Cabins Trail Fredericksburg, VA

The trail starts where the road meets the top of a hill, just south of Shannon Airport and wraps around to connect back with the road. It winds down or up for half a mile before entering a large plowed field overlooking Shannon Airport and CSX Railroad. There are miles of historic interpretation posts leading to Bernard's Cabins.

Bernard's Cabins became an important Confederate artillery position in the Civil War. The center of his line was wooded, so Jackson didn't place any cannons there. Instead, he placed a large number of cannons on either side and angled them toward one another so that they would catch any Union troops who might attack from a distance.

On the left of the woods, alongside a trail to Bernard's Cabins, stood nine guns belonging Captain Greenlee Davidson’s battalion. The cabins and their occupants belonged to Arthur Bernard, owner of Mannsfield Plantation House.

Today, the Bernard's Cabins Trail provides one of the most peaceful and enjoyable nature walks in Fredericksburg Battlefield. Unfortunately, the cabins themselves are not standing anymore.

In the near future, either through traditional building reconstruction or virtual 3D-modeling technology, the Bernard Slave Cabins will be restored again. Until then, I highly recommend that people take a moment during their tour to leave off of Lee Drive and meander down the half a mile to this important site.

Tree Service Near Bernard's Cabins Trail

We are proud to say that we have safely removed over a thousand trees throughout the years. We take our work very seriously and we stay on the cutting edge of advancements in our industry. For us, it starts with properly removing every tree as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One of the things we never do is recommend tree removal unless it's justified. It has became common practice for less professional companies to instill a feeling of fear in potential clients. By telling them a tree has greater risk than it actually does. And on the opposite end, there are companies that almost always resort to pruning without considering risks with trees properly.

Trees are the main passageway for wildlife and an essential part of our ecosystem. If you see a tree that needs maintenance by a certified arborist, we will evaluate it so we can provide you with all the facts necessary to make an informed decision.

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